Monday, February 8, 2010

My Life in Food

The overall quality of the food available to the average person can be astonishingly poor. This despicable condition has been the driving force leading me to develop a career in the food industry. Although on a daily basis I consider nutritious food to be of the utmost importance, I also believe enjoying everything we eat is equally as important - making delicious food crucial.

A 'good food' junky
Enjoying, dare I say loving, what we do, how we do it and even who we choose to share it with, is as valuable to our healthy living as a properly balanced diet. Living life means enjoying life and experiencing everything to it's fullest. Sitting down to a bowl of oats should be as enjoyable as digging in to the most savory pork roast, sharpest cheese or tender pastry. Each mouthful should be enjoyed, savored and appreciated as much as the next. Taking any of it for granted is unacceptable. Eating should be emotional. I experience everything there is to food by eating with my eyes, ears, nose and hands as much as I eat with my mouth. This level of understanding and appreciation solicits an emotional response to the food I eat. It is always good!

All food has the potential to be good. The care that is taken when growing it (be it fruit, vegetable, meat or dairy), into preparing it for sale, storing it appropriately before its purchase, as well as the care that is taken during its final preparation are valuable steps in ensuring its overall goodness. Other factors affecting the quality of our food include our emotional state when we consume it and the emotional state of those with whom we choose to share our meals. When good food goes bad, it is most often due to a lack of appreciation, mishandling and/or a negative emotional state of the consumer. When good food gets better it is normally because all of the care in handling and preparation was sufficient and appropriate and the level in which it was enjoyed, savored and appreciated was as much as it deserved.

Being a responsible eater is as important as being a responsible drinker. Enjoy it, savour it, appreciate it but do not over indulge. Over indulging is disrespectful and a good food junky never disrespects her food! So here I am, a good food junky just working her way through life with as much love, happiness and gusto as the next good food junky. Here's to us good food junkies!

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