Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My top two beers of February!

The night was easy. Preparing a cheese board with some of the most glorious cheeses and savory crackers, pepperoncini and cured sausage was really all we wanted. 

This was a no-stress meal and cracking open a few bottles of some of the most delicious beers I've had since I moved to England nearly a year and a half ago seemed in order. The beer was the highlight of the night and that is what we wanted to concentrate on. 

#1 Beer of February
Wells Banana Bread Beer (alc. 5.2% vol.)
Boasting the name of one of my favorite baked goods, this beer's claim to fame is it's use of fairtrade bananas infusing the ale. This liquid bread (as the label hints) is everything I would want in a fruity ale. It is fruity without being sweet. The smooth banana compliments the caramel flavor of the malt making the perfect beer for any time of year! I will always have some of this in my cupboard! A must try for even the most delicate beer drinker.

#2 Beer of February
Badger Golden Glory Premium Ale (alc. 4.5% vol.)
Wow! They weren't kidding when they labled this ale "absolutely glorious".  This premium ale is light and refreshing yet with enough substance to stand up to a cold bitter day. It's the blend of aromatic and bitter hops that make it so fabulous. The peach and melon flavors are sweet and delicate without being overwhelming. This ale is an excellent companion with a beautiful, fruity Italian cheese. My favorite was Embriago.


  1. Banana Bread Beer?? Lucky you. Never seen the stuff here and not likely ever to. Wish I had a bottle now!

  2. Banana Bread Bear is available in ASDA in Colchester and it is yummy. Fancy one now!

  3. Had too many beers already so I can't even spell! Bear/Beer!

  4. Yes, Banana Bread BEER!!! It is sooo delicious and amazing. I found it at Tesco in Sudbury!!! Yummy!



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