Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Polenta - A Garden Chefs Challenge

The Challenge

That warm, hearty, simple, versatile and delicious food. What you see is what you get. Or, is it? Polenta is more than just a corn meal. Whatever name it goes by, polenta, coosh, angu, ugali, even grits (hominy), the dish has a presence in numerous cultures throughout the world. 

The Recipe
The challenge was Polenta. The Recipe was left up to each chef. Guidelines were used in terms of which type of polenta we would use, creamy and smooth or thick and heavy to be sliced.

The creative ideas just flowed and I'll bet just about anything that the next time we make it, we'll try something new!

The Reveal
Here is the Garden Chefs' take on Polenta.

Sallie's Italian seasoned polenta: before baking, after baking and followed by an after dinner shot!

Amy's Garlic Shrimp & Spinach with Cheesy Grits
Dawn's Hamms Grilled Polenta with Rosemary and Parmesan
Justin's Mexican grilled polenta with Chilis, BBQ Chicken and grilled vegetables

Gina's Polenta with Fontina, Porcini & Sage served with Ricotta & Porcini stuffed Nasturtiums & Grilled Veges
Thank you Garden Chefs!

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