Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Cake?

Sometimes when I get a cake order....scerrriiiittttttsskkkk..... scratch that. Every time I get a cake order, especially for one that's a bit different than the norm, I always have aspirations to make an extra for our family. That being said, soon enough into the mere thought my brain comes to a screeching halt and gives me a look from within as if to say "what are you, nuts?! If you had a cake for yourself every time you made one to sell, you'd be 250 pounds and growing"! 

Needless to say, I still mull over the idea. Most of the time I am pleased enough knowing it's delicious and beautiful and exactly what the customer wanted. However, there are those special cakes which make me proud and I wish at that point that I had actually made an extra for us. Partly because I know it would be tantalizingly delicious and partly because I think it would be intensely beautiful when sliced into. This is one of those cakes. 

A luxurious golden, melt-in-your-mouth 
butter cake, layered with lightly sweetened fresh blueberry filling and covered in a delicately honey-sweetened, silky buttercream. Hand crystallized violas gently settle into the buttercream as if to say they found their favorite nesting place and purple and violet ribbons wrap it all together. 

That one would have been a nice one to take on a picnic, to a summer garden party, or just settle in with a nice cup of tea during the evening when the sun is down and the air is still warm. Blueberries and Honey. Purple and Lavendar. Flowers and Sugar. Sigh!

At least I know I've crystallized enough violas to make several others should the mood strike me. 

Or, maybe they'll find their way onto another cake, for someone else, some other time. 

After all, what is a cake if not a sculpture asking to be eaten?

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  1. I love the crystallized violas! Beautiful cake!



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