Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pizza Town

Pizza Cheesing
Yup. We have our very own Pizza Town here. It's called... our kitchen! The kids love pizza. But, when they aren't here I just know they are eating crappy store-bought pizzas made with low quality ingredients. My mother NEVER took us out for pizza. When we had pizza night, we had a night in, creating our own and experimenting with different ingredients. 

I have taken that tradition to heart and on Friday nights we convert our kitchen into our very own Pizzeria. Now all we need is a classic red and white gingham tablecloth and no one would know the difference! Some of our favorites are barbecue chicken, bacon and eggs and pesto chicken. Of course the traditional margherita and pepperoni are the faves of the boys.

Check These Beauties Out...

Justin's BBQ Chicken with Jalapeno!

House Favorite: Bacon & Egg

Kid designed pizzas, fresh from the oven!
Pizza Smörgåsbord - from back to front:
Pesto Chicken, BBQ, Bacon & Egg, Margherita, Anchovie & Tomato  

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