Friday, October 15, 2010

Balancing Ourselves and our Socialselves - Can I Have it All?

In between the virtual worlds of social media, blogging and Google I materialize, into a real human being, with a body, emotions, skills and dreams. What it all comes down to on so many days is how to strike the balance between the me who is a virtual communicator, the me who is a driven woman determined to be successful and the me who is a wife, dog mother, friend to those near to me and those who are far away, daughter, sister and all-around friendly neighbor. 

Does anyone else struggle with this? Struggle with making enough time for all of it?

In and among it all I need to fulfill what feeds me mentally, emotionally and physically.

I moved my computer into the dining room and set up office about four months ago and I love it. It's not like we used this space to eat... that's what the coffee table in front of the TV is for ;-). Seriously though, what this did for me was make me feel like I could combine my worlds in order to feel less scattered and separated from my family, Facebook friends, Tweets and all of you, thereby enriching my life.

Has it worked?

To a degree it has. I can bake bread, make dinner and still connect with my friends and family in the US all while greeting my husband at the door with a drink in hand. 

I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan! 

But with this comes confusion as well. Because I am a baker, have a food blog and am a member of several food-oriented social networking sites, am I bound to the constraints of writing only about food? Is it OK that I don't always want to boast about what I have been creating in the kitchen on any given day? I don't' always want to write about what I am cooking.

I don't always create gorgeous meals, pastries and cakes. And I am far from a decent photographer who captures the deliciousness of anything I do make. 

I don't always like talking on the telephone either, or want to go for a walk with my family. I don't always want to be me, that is, the me who is the physical person.

Sometimes I want to be the me who is on Facebook chatting with friends or posting tweets as fast as the wind. Sometimes I don't even want to communicate like that, but would rather Google-search for hours. Often times I want to read a real book. Feel the pages in my hands and become so engrossed in the story that I read until my eyes ache. (Yes, most typically these books in which I become so engrossed are cook books.)

And all the time I want to share my experiences and these moments of being human with all of you - my blog readers and friends. But...

Are you interested? 

We'll see. I am going to post more variety from now on and so I guess only time will tell. Afterall, the blog... well... that is for me too, isn't it?

I read an article just today on called Word of Mouth has Changed, Sort of. One of the messages I took to heart is that people read about, share and spread emotion. We decide what WE are interested in and post, write, talk about that. Because social media streams are so flexible now, YOU can decide if you are interested in reading and sharing it. 

So, it's up to you to decide if you are interested.

Oh, and by the way, this is the disaster I created in the kitchen today while I was on Facebook,  Twitter and posting this to my Blog!

Still interested?

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