Friday, February 11, 2011

Where Did All The Cakes Go?

I took some time off. For me. For my family. 

We had the best Christmas. A fun and early New Years Eve. We revised our household budget and made a plan for our savings. We organized the garden and prepared for spring. 

Refocusing my time and energy on my family and home allowed me the opportunity to spend more time AT home doing what I love most - baking. Which was a nice reminder of why I started The Flour Garden in the first place.

With my sleeves rolled up, my apron firmly tied and my kitchen sparkling clean I began thinking, wondering, measuring, mixing, whisking, baking, tasting, perfecting.

Baking to perfection is crucial.

Baking, developing new recipes, test baking and sampling has been a busy and satisfying job. Consequently, I have an entirely new arsenal of cakes, pastries and breads to offer, from whole grain artisan bread to homemade croissants to glamorous wedding cakes.

This is a Good thing. It is a part of the Good Life I intend to embrace more as I become settled in my new home.

Cakes, pastries and breads you ask? 

That's right! The Flour Garden is offering exactly what it offered when I first started it two years ago: cakes, pastries and breads. The difference? The selection! The options are nearly endless and they will all be offered at given times throughout the year unless specially ordered.

Please take a look at our products page and stay tuned to the monthly posts. And, when you're ready, give me a call and let me know what You want to order Next!

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