Friday, May 4, 2012

Mexican Fiesta Feast

Are you Ready for the 3rd Annual Mexican Fiesta?
A little bit Mexico. A little bit America. A  lot of F-U-N!

Grab your overnight bag and head for the border! (Suffolk and Essex border, that is)

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At the southwestern edge of the Suffolk border lies nestled between the village of Sudbury and town of Colchester the relatively unknown village of Leavenheath.  Unassuming. Unfamiliar. Under the radar. Yet once a year a tiny cottage along the A134 becomes host to one of the most exciting events ever.

A homegrown Mexican Fiesta complete with tacos, tamales and tequila. 


The 3rd Annual Fiesta will  now feature a taquisa - or taco party. A taco party, you ask? Yes, a Taco Party! Tacos are great, but not nearly as great as when you've got a load of different fillings and friends. Hard shell, soft shell, corn or flour, bring a filling to add and let the taco fun begin!

More the sporting type?

If the promise of a taquisa isn't 'enough to entice you into coming, you'll be drawn into the action with the nation's first Corn Hole Tournament. Competitors and spectators are welcome. If you don't know how to play, or play by the rules, learn how to play on the available practice pitch. Keep the game friendly or join in the competition. There will be plenty of time to practice before we begin the official competition.

Ground Rules

Don't' worry, this is definitely not a downer. It's just a way to share our love of everything Mexican.
  • First of all, this is a BYOS party. That's 'bring your own sombrero' for those unfamiliar with the BYO_ acronym.  As a matter of fact, we're not even going to be sticklers with the sombreros. Just come in some sort of Mexican dress and we'll be happy!
  • Everyone is asked to bring a dish or something to share. If getting around the kitchen is as good as destroying a pot of boiling water then bring a bottle of tequila, beer or bag of tortilla chips to share. It's about the participation, not the technique
  • Finally, everyone will have a Mexican name on the day. You can choose your own now or get one on the day. 

Remaining details can be found here.

We hope to see you on June 16th for the 3rd Annual Mexican Fiesta. Olé!

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