About The Garden

At the Flour Garden, we emphasize enjoying life to the fullest and believe the most rewarding way to do this is by eating well. We encourage you to give in to food and take the time to appreciate it - the preparation, the wonderful company with whom you enjoy it, and the way it makes you smile.

Celebrations inspire creativity and ingenuity in art, music, craft and food. At The Flour Garden, we celebrate the special and unique moments that spark this creativity and focus on making each day as creatively important and productive as the day before. We believe every day offers celebratory moments that spark our creative nature, wheather it is settling into a routine, treasuring the moments you have the house to yourself,  rejoicing in your family being all together or relaxing during the holidays when those special friends visit from afar. We enjoy food. We appreciate food's nutritious attributes and crave its exotic flavors. We work with food because we want to discover all it has to offer. And what we can offer it, is care, consideration and an undying level of respect. It allows us to play, sing, laugh, cry and most of all, dream.

Gina Geremia, Author-Baker

I began my culinary path when I was a young girl. From the time I was old enough to grip a mixing spoon my mother would allow me to help her in the kitchen. Scooting up a chair and balancing my knee on the kitchen counter for leverage I would mix sauces, beat egg whites, knead bread dough and whisk cake batters until my muscles would ache and my head would go dizzy. I was 10 the first time I made a cake by myself – my mother at work, father out in the field or barn, brother fishing in the pond behind the house and sister absorbed in A Wrinkle in Time. I’ll never forget my first cake, first success, first time I realized what I was meant to do for the rest of my life – feed and entertain family, friends and strangers (whom I have yet to meet) delicious, well-made food. It was a prune spice cake, my favorite and one I regularly requested as my birthday cake. I was delighted with the results and decided that, since I was so successful at that, I might just as well prepare dinner for the family. I was 10, the meal was spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. It wasn’t the most elaborate of meals but it was a start. And as I recall, my mother was elated that dinner was on the table when she arrived home, my father was pleased that I had done so much to help and my brother and sister devoured their portions.

ow, 32 years later, I am still enjoying entertaining and feeding family and friends by hosting an annual Mexican Fiesta each June, enormous Thanksgiving dinners, birthday parties and intimate dinner parties. I do love to cook yet I call myself a baker because it does more for my heart and soul. Cakes, pastries, breads, flans – everyday I create something new. And everyday, as my kitchen cupboards reduce in size, my heart grows a little bigger, my soul feels a little fuller and my brain size increases in volume to accommodate new recipes, ideas and techniques.


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